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4 Bail Bonds Facts

Do you need to get out of jail fast? Call a Harrisburg bail bondsman and you’ll get out just as quickly as you were thrown into that cage. Bondsman offer 24-hour service for individuals who’ve been arrested. If you face the totality of jail, these professionals are there to get you out of hot water. But, there is some important information about the bail bond that you should know. Four pieces of important information is listed below.

1- You Do Not Get Your Bond Money Back

Some people wrongly assume the money paid to a bondsman is refundable in the event they’re not convicted of the charge or even if they simply appear in court but that it not the case. Under no circumstances is the money paid to a bondsman refundable. This includes the bondsman fee that is paid along with the bail amount.

Harrisburg bail bondsman

2- Bondsman Have No Power

Don’t think the bondsman can get the amount of the bond reduced. They cannot change this amount. They cannot relay messages to anyone who is incarcerated in jail, either. A bondsman is a professional who simply posts a bond and helps you get out of jail.

3- Property Bonds

If the cash amount is not available to pay a bondsman and you have property of value, it can be used as collateral to pay the bond. Electronics, homes, land, firearms, jewelry, and many other items are appropriate for a bondsman service.

4- Revoked Bond

When you sign a bond with a bondsman, you agree to appear in court when scheduled. Failure to appear at this time may result in bond revocation and you’ll be arrested and put into jail. You will not be given a bond again and must await your trial date behind bars.