Your Juvenile May Need a Lawyer After a Criminal Charge

Your Juvenile May Need a Lawyer After a Criminal Charge

Many parents make the mistake of assuming their juvenile doesn’t need attorney representation after they’ve been charged with a crime but the truth is, an attorney helps your child stay out of juvenile detention and possibly foster care or state custody in the event they’ve convicted of the crime they’ve been charged with committing. Lawyers provide no cost consultations to discuss cases. Take advantage of this meeting to learn exactly how an attorney can help your child.

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Juveniles can face any of the same criminal charges as an adult can face, as well as those for delinquency and truancy from school. These charges are oftentimes not considered to be as serious as the charges pressed against an adult since there is usually no risk of going into an adult jail. But, once a juvenile becomes a ‘part of the system,’ getting them back home on the straight and narrow path is not easy.

It is important to give your child a fighting chance when they go to court if there is any risk they’ll be placed into custody after a conviction. The more serious the crime they’ve been charged with committing, the bigger the risk they’ll be removed from the parent’s custody. That is a feeling the causes your heart to sink.

But, don’t choose any of the lawyers that come your way. Not every lawyer is dedicated to making your child’s case as smooth and simple and possible, but rather want to make a big payday. Don’t get stuck with such a lawyer. Make sure the lawyer chosen is one that specializes in handling juvenile crimes who has experience in the courtroom. Not all fairfax lawyers are created the same and you don’t want your child to find out the hard way.